Family Business Library
Rural and Regional Libraries as Local Family Entrepreneurship centres

KA204 – Strategic Partnerships for adult education

Start of the project: 2020-10-01
End of the project: 2022-05-31
Duration: 20 months

Europe’s economic growth and jobs depend on its ability to support the growth of enterprises. Only 37% of Europeans would like to be self-employed, compared to 51% of people in
the US and China and thus Europeans should be encouraged more to set up their own business. It is also important to support rural areas as predominantly rural areas make up half of
Europe and represent only around 20 % of the population. The project will promote (teach) entrepreneurship in non-urban regions, putting special focus on promotion on family
business creation and will use regional and rural libraries as a platform to reach people living regional and rural areas. Using their information, technology, human, resource and
networking opportunities regional and rural libraries can be of benefit for the development of local entrepreneurship, innovations and the economic activity of local society. Libraries can
foster opportunities for economic growth by encouraging business development as well by helping to retain and create jobs. Thus libraries face new economic challenges and societal
pressures both on regional and local level.

  1. Direct target groups of the project:
    1. Visitors of regional and rural libraries in Europe
    2. People (especially families) living in regional and rural areas of Europe
    3. Librarians of regional and rural libraries
  2. Indirect target groups of the project:
    1. People that have moved away from rural areas in favour to urban areas. By creating new opportunities in rural areas, they could return to rural areas.
    2. Society in general.
  3. Intellectual outputs of the project:
    1. IO1 E-learning module on Entrepreneurship for usage in Libraries
    2. IO2 Mentoring methodology and e-learning course module for librarians
    3. IO3 Policy Paper to better exploit achieved results of the project.